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The Way The Community Connects

In November 2019, Tony and Echo opened Li Cha Tea’s first Boba tea store in America. Shortly after, the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, which greatly affected small businesses around the country, but with the help and warm support from the community of Walnut Creek in California, including Dr. Conner’s contribution, Li Cha Tea was able to overcome the challenging effects of the pandemic.  Now, Li Cha Tea has become an export supplier of Taiwan high-quality Boba tea to serve global customers and also welcome you to join franchise.


Love & Harmony

Li Cha Tea's brand spirit is love and harmony. "Li" is politeness and "Cha" is gift. It is captured the concept of oriental marriage culture with the sincerity of heart. The virtue culture is practiced in the brand value to serve community families and customers. Li Cha Tea focus on being " The Way The Community Connects" and "The Supplier The Customer Trust". 


Self-owned tea factory & tea craftsmen with 100 years of tea making experience

Persist to using hand-picked one-heart and two-leaf tea essence to preserve the pure flavor of tea leaves.

Taiwan Champion Tea  

Best Sellers 

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