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 Love Is Given

Our Story

 In November 2019, Tony and Echo opened Li Cha Tea’s first store located in Walnut Creek, California. Shortly after, the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, which greatly affected small businesses around the country, including Li Cha Tea. Tony and Echo contemplated closing up shop, but with the help and warm support from the community of Walnut Creek, including Dr. Conner’s contribution, Li Cha Tea was able to overcome the challenging effects of the pandemic.


Now, Li Cha Tea Walnut Creek is thriving, and has provided a seating patio area and rose garden that allows students, friends and community families to relax together with a refreshing cup of Boba tea. It has become a unique of Boba tea garden of love and harmony in city center with customers, volunteers, and visitors.


Li Cha Tea's vision is to create a comfortable, relaxing environment for everyone and want to give back with yummy drinks and great service to a community that has supported Li Cha Tea endlessly.


Come to Li Cha Tea to feel the warmth service and taste delicious selections of Boba tea.


The Way The Community Connects

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