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The Way The World Connects 

Our Brand

Taiwan is named “Formosa" - a beautiful island and Li Cha Tea was founded in Taiwan in 2014. The founder team visited more than 100 tea farmers and tea gardens, tasted more than 500 tea products, including the best century-old tea farm and high-quality tea farmers from Taipei, Sanxia, Nantou, Sun Moon Lake,  Mountain A Li …etc. in Taiwan and decide to share the island high-quantity tea and Taiwan BOBA tea culture to the world.

" Li Cha Tea" brand spirit is love and harmony. " Li " means politeness and "Cha" is gift in Mandarin. It was extracted the virtue from oriental marriage culture of the deep sincerity of heart.  From the very beginning of the brand's establishment, Li Cha Tea believe that persistence in doing the right thing will be seen one day, because persistence is a kind of power, and we can become an expert by doing just one thing well in life.

Life is all about contribution and perseverance of love and harmony. Li Cha Tea aspires to be "The Way The Community Connects" and "The Supplier The Customer Trusts".


Brand LOGO

Inspired by the window grilles of Oriental Culture, the window grill patterns have always symbolized Oriental Culture etiquette and customs, and the complex and solemn line sense design echoes our brand expectations for Li Cha.


The color of traditional tea soup also shows our care and persistence in tea.

Welcome to join Li Cha Family

Welcome to join Li Cha Family, the brand in overseas is “Li cha tea “, the brand in Taiwan is “Li Cha Frucht “ and our international trade business is “Li Cha”.

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